This is an addiction story that's unfolding...

Do you take buprenorphine but still use heroin? Why do I have to stop THC to take Suboxone? Is cocaine really a problem for me?
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This is an addiction story that's unfolding...

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Hello all!!! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2023...

I have a story to discuss.. This is something that's been unfolding for MONTHS...and I mean since June/July on the internet. I am part of a group of people that have branched off to form a small community.. we are mostly just harmless online trolling.. but from this bunch, a guy sprang up back in May and started making the point where he got EVERYONE'S attention rather quickly. By July....we were watching a trainwreck unfold before our very eyes. This 29 year-old guy would get online, and he openly discussed his use of subutex, ativan and medical marijuana. We watched as he would nod on livestreams... then attack anyone who said anything to him about his behavior.. He would go on rants and at one point, he wished cancer on 4 individuals... Told a terminal cancer patient that he didn't think she was sick... threatened people.. but would turn on tears and cry on livestream if things got a little too hot and he thought crying would get him out of it. He had an automobile accident in 2019 that took the lives of 2 elderly people.. because he was high on narcotics. He was taken via ambulance to the hospital because he passed out in his local Wal-mart parking lot and had to have police come out and call the ambulance to him. The things we have watched in 9 months or so has been unreal. Unbelievable at times... to the point that we all began trying to talk to him and (being conservative) at least 20-30 people have offered him advice, addiction stories, and tried to tell him that he is going to wind up in dire need of serious help if he doesn't stop.

Even one person in our little 'community' offered to buy him a plane ticket (which would'ven been around $1000), fly him to his city, pick him up at the airport..give him a room and support him, until a bed could be found in a rehab and then would pay for the rehab. Instead of taken that golden ticket, he turned on the guy and bashed him openly about it. If you can think of it, we've seen it happen. He has contacted larger youtube channels to try and get us "criminally charged" over online youtube games that he has incited upon himself. Now some of the stuff may not be yall cup of tea... some of it is offensive...some of it has been just trolling him with words.. but the point is, he is addicted to YT and the drama. He incites it when people leave him alone, or he tries to get some larger channel to try and fight his battles for him.. and then cries when they find out for themselves that he's a total narcissist...and a perpetual victim. He's living with his grandfather in a retirement community...being investigated for elder abuse... was questioned just last week for the neighbor having missing pills... there's been so much that has happened that it can't possibly be listed here.

On Christmas day, he began a livestream which we all tuned in to watch. We watched him for 8 hours on Christmas day as he smoked blunt after blunt (7 or 8)...took ativan, subutex...etc...then began nodding out. He fell asleep and when I came back from family stuff, he had been laying in the same position on livestream for an hour and a half. So I made a call to the PD in his town.. and told them what I was witnessing. They already knew who I was calling about and what was going on. They did send an officer out, and it was all on livestream for everyone to see as they did a wellness check on him. He tried to tell the cops that we lied and said all the stuff...but the thing is, the POLICE were watching his livestream as well as us. The police also watch me, and other channels that show some of his they know what's going on.

Yesterday was another day of constant smoking weed and livestreaming the ENTIRE time. He was live when I woke up at 4am yesterday...and he ended his stream at 4:30pm. But he had already been live for 3 hours when I woke up at 4am... so in total, 14-15 hours of livestreaming and smoking weed, plus ativan and subutex...

I called again. This time...there was not just a wellness check. Enough calls have poured into this small town that the police are tired of it..and they see for themselves (because they watch it) that he is going to die and it'll be on YT until the video gets removed... and it's sad...
But..they did take him in yesterday for a 96hr hold (psych eval) and hopefully he will get some help. I want to reiterate...a few people that I hang with and I'm good friends with..they aren't politically correct. In fact, they don't give any f**ks about being correct... they don't care. A few are just in it for the trainwreck (cause we all will watch a drama trainwreck unfold)... and I've been watching long enough and decided that I am not going to sit and watch while he OD's live on YT for the world to see.. so I've made a couple calls...

I'm going to link his channel for reference so people can see for themselves what I am talking about. Watch some of the livestreams.. any of them. The most recent, where the cops came, is deleted by him so it's only available on my channel (cause I streamsniped him).
But here is his YT channel:
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Re: This is an addiction story that's unfolding...

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Yikes. That us troubling if someone is putting their life out there like that. Hope this improves.
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