Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

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Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

Post by ZenTrip »

So I’m looking for the best way to administer Suboxone sublingual film. With the 8mg film strips, I have a tendency to tear them in half, creating 4mg and then again 2x 2mg. However, this seems to be too small. If I’m not staring at them directly in the mirror, after closing my mouth they tend to get washed away.

Suboxdoc has pointed out that buprenorphine is primarily active as a liquid. So, when mixed with the saliva it should be at its most potent.

However, mine always seem to get washed away…
I’ll try to keep my tongue raised for as long as I can.
But usually I’ll feel the contact, and then it will become minimal in effect.

Could be because I need to start taking the whole 8mg strip at once. Cutting film strips might be useful for tapering or weening off.

So again, another maximize absorption method topic.
Any useful tips would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps they may be a way to ensure they successfully enter the blood stream? Like having a open wound that could make for an easy entrance. What do you think?

Horizontal or vertical placement?
Left or right side of the tongue?
Sublingual always being like better than Buccal or between the gums upper/lower teeth?
Tongue raised or flat down resting on the bottom part of the jaw

These questions might help to ensure the best results

So my question is: could I like bite my lip?
And then possibly place part of a film strip inside of the cut.
Nothing too serious, just like a canker sore would form or like bite your own lip. Maybe mix some blood in with the saliva
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Re: Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

Post by suboxdoc »

I will start with this: ... bsorption/

I fear that you are driving yourself crazy! So the average absorption for film is about a third of the dose. But even at that low level, a person taking 16 mg per day is almost assured of getting enough absorbed to stay well about the 'ceiling' threshold. The problem is that everyone has spent so much time worried about withdrawal, and focusing on the feeling from opioids, that they have a hard time trusting that all will be fine.

It isn't that buprenorphine works best in liquid form - its just that it must be dissolved in solution in order to be absorbed. Molecules trapped in a solid pill or film cannot stick to the surface of mucous membranes and slowly soak in. So my point was that when it is a pill, it is doing nothing -- so get it dissolved asap.

The absorption is through diffusion and osmosis. That is the term for a substance moving down its concentration gradient and passing through a 'semipermiable membrane', to use terms from our old bio classes. Basically, when a substance is passing through a membrane, it passes from the area with a high concentration to the area with a low concentration. You can picture a bunch of balls on one side bouncing against a wall with holes... eventually the number of balls will be equal on each side. Same deal with molecules passing through the mucosa.

So to increase absorption you want a HIGH concentration.. which you get by having LITTLE liquid. Your problem -- one of them - is that you are taking a small dose. That means the concentration of buprenorphine in your saliva will be lower than for a person taking, say, 8 or 16 mg at a time. Is there a reason you take it that way? Keep in mind that it has a LONG half-life, and the package inserts all recommend taking the entire dose ONCE per day. More than twice is probably excessive.

People do run into problems when tapering, because eventually the dose is tiny. In those cases I recommend that people put the dose ON the tongue, then hold the dose, using your tongue, against the inside of your cheek. Do that for about ten minutes. That way you will likely absorb more, and you will have consistent absorption from one day to the next. The drug with the best absorption, Bunavail, gets 50% absorbed by holding the drug against the inner cheek, and that is essentially what you want to do.
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Re: Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

Post by Souvobupe »

Place it on the gums above your upper teeth, then cover with your upper lip.
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Re: Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

Post by MJ s man »

To anyone out there , please read and reread what Dr J has written. When I first joined here 9,10 yrs ago, this was the place for real ture information. There isnt any guess work now. Read his blog post about Maxing the Absorption Rate. Less liquid the better. Start with the driest month you can get.. good luk everyone....razor 55.
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Re: Suboxone film being washed away after placing in mouth under tongue

Post by rule62 »

Razor 55! So good to see you posting here again. Don't be such a stranger old timer!
Don't take yourself so damn seriously
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