Pseudoephedrine issues at pharmacy

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Pseudoephedrine issues at pharmacy

Post by DanOhioAwesome »

So the school year has started. I'm in education and that means sick kids means I get congested severely. Usually my wife goes to the pharmacy and picks up the Sudafed with pseudoephedrine in it. So we have our meds for the fall and winter. I think it's the generic version but it works.

Anyways, I went this afternoon on my lunch and they denied me and said "Oh there's an issue with the computer. We can't sell you this". And I'm thinking that's odd because a couple years ago same thing happened so I just had my wife start getting them. She never has an issue. She also doesn't have a prescription for Suboxone. Is there a chance that they're blocking me because I'm on Suboxone and think that because I'm on Suboxone, I must also be making crystal meth? I just think it's odd that twice now they've had some issue with the "system". Because as soon as she scanned my ID she had a look on her face like oh I don't know what to do.
There's isn't a law that I can think of that If I'm on suboxone I can't take pseudoephedrine for congestion.

Thoughts?? Maybe It's a coincidence, but I've always felt that the pharmacist judge some of us.
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Re: Pseudoephedrine issues at pharmacy

Post by suboxdoc »

The Feds and individual states, as you know, have made it harder and harder to get sudafed and others because of the severe meth problem (and that drug is a menace).

Just a thought.... I haven't used pseudoephedrine in years because I found a better solution with fewer side effects. I take an expectorant. If a severe cough I use Robitussin DM, which is expectorant plus dextromethorphine. Yes, that is techinally an opioid isomer but it doesn't have psychotropic effects. Follow the bottle instructions. If no cough, I use plain Guafenisin like Mucinex (NOTHING added to that).

Then I use 12-hr Afrin or something similar. Just learned that menthol interferes with my new meds, so I don't use that one... two shots per nostril, 15 minutes apart, especially if you have sinus issues. That helps it get to those tiny pores that lead to the sinuses. Inhale through your nose SLOWY -- you don't want it getting to your lungs. (I wonder... is that why I'm sick with CTEPH now?)

Maybe don't inhale at all, just spray, wait spray.

The only problem is you only want to use that inhaler for a couple days -- longer only if intermittently. Otherwise you become dependent and need to go through 2 days of a plugged nose to get off of it.
Oh -- always drink LOTS of water on Mucinex, or with a cold in general. You lose more to sweat than you think.... and I used to like ibuprofen. I can't take it now, with coumadin, so I use tylenol... but I miss the anti-inflammatory effect because much of the damage with a cold is our own immune responds, similar (but less severe) to COVID.

Good luck!!
Dr. J
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