Ensuring that the film sticks down fully under the tongue, fiddling with dose in the mirror with an open mouth

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Ensuring that the film sticks down fully under the tongue, fiddling with dose in the mirror with an open mouth

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So, my question is: when administration of Suboxone Film is placed under the tongue, is it beneficial to stay in the mirror with an open mouth, ensuring that the film sticks down fully?

Or do you just place it underneath, and then immediately close your mouth?

For example, making sure all of the edges are secured to the tongue. How long should we keep our mouths open before closing and collecting saliva?

Should we ditch the mirror entirely?
Horizontal, or vertical placement?
Left or right side of tongue?

Imprint facing outwards or making contact with the underside of tongue?
Thank you
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Re: Ensuring that the film sticks down fully under the tongue, fiddling with dose in the mirror with an open mouth

Post by suboxdoc »


Details about what I will write are described here: https://www.suboxonetalk.com/optimizing ... bsorption/

Understand that buprenorphine is absorbed from ALL surfaces in the mouth. Some areas actually absorb better than 'under the tongue'. The big veins under the tongue have NOTHING to do with absorption; microscopically those veins are miles away from the surface, and buprenorphine is taken up by hundreds of tiny capillaries before it would get to those veins.

There are three main buprenorphine products: Films (Suboxone and generic), tabs (many generics with and without naloxone), and Zubsolv. For the first two categories, expect absorption of about 30% of a dose. For Zubsolv, absorption is 40% because of pH changes built into the tab, and the fast dissolving time. There used to be a third category, Bunavail, that had 50% absorption. It achieved that by holding the buprenorphine against the inner cheek, out of the flow of saliva.

Saliva interferes with absorption in two ways: first by washing buprenorphine away, past the sides of the tongue and down the throat. That action isn't really noticed as much as it occurs. But second, it dilutes the buprenorphine. Absorption is by diffusion, a process that requires a concentration gradient. The higher the concentration, the greater the pressure into tissue. So you optimize absorption by having less saliva, and less dilution. That's in part why Zubsolv is absorbed better; it dissolves so fast that it creates a very high concentration of buprenorphine next to the tissue.

I'm convinced that the best, and more importantly most consistent, way to absorb Suboxone film is by putting the film ON your tongue, and then holding or smearing it against the upper half of your inner cheek -- out of the flow of saliva. You can hold it there with your tongue, or smear it and forget it.

Understand this is NOT necessary with a standard, 16 mg dose of Suboxone. That dose provides much more than you need to keep your blood levels above the 'ceiling effect', even if you don't dose all that well. But when tapering, it is important to dose consistently -- especially when you get below 2 mg/day. Otherwise you'll have good days and bad days. So use the 'tongue' method at those low doses, and a dose will go further.... and feel the same every day. I discuss tapering here: https://www.suboxonetalk.com/stopping-b ... ree-steps/

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